Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Times

I was in the times on sunday. Supposedly there's a few politicians that disagree with my work and think i'm glorifying gang violence. Haha, check it out...


Martin said...

Hi Nick,

I read this article and disagreed with it. I really like your work and, after all, freedom of artistic expression is fundamental to a free society.

Is any of your work for sale? I'd be interested in finding out more about that if so.

Best wishes,


Callum said...

I'd expect this kind of moral panic from a tabloid not a broad sheet. It's far too easy for a politician/policeman to point the finger at something that has nothing to do with the cause of a social problem, just to look good to the public.

I'm sure your going to create LOADS of new gangs and LOADS young criminal from the work you have done, causing crime to sky rocket. It wont be anything to do with their upbringing or social situation. It will be to do with your images. *sarcasm*